Post plague drama series. When a deadly virus wipes out 95% of the world's population, a motley group of British survivors struggle on, especially Abby Grant who in season one searched for her missing son Peter, and later Greg Preston and Charles Vaughan who led a growing community. The third and final season saw the group Greg, Charles etc take to the road to try and link up with other communities.

Survivors is probably more relevant now than ever before with almost the entire world depending on technology for its very survival.


Lucy Fleming as Jenny Richards
Ian McCulloch as Greg Preston
Denis Lill as Charles Vaughan
Stephen Dudley as John Millon
Tanya Ronder as Lizzie Willoughby
John Abineri as Hubert Goss
Lorna Lewis as Pet Simpson
Carolyn Seymour as Abby Grant

crew details

  • Terry Nation

  • production details

    Country: UK
    Studio: BBC
    Year of Release: 1975-04-16
    Duration: 50 minutes
    Aired From: 1975-1977 on BBC One


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